We thank you for reaching out and showing your interest in investing in the “BHIVE WORKSPACE” relating to the “Concerned Property” which is marketed by Venturelord Spacetech Private Limited (“Company”).

You understand that this EOI only sets out the non-binding terms and conditions. This EOI (including the terms and conditions set out herein) is not a contract or offer or an agreement to consummate the proposed transaction. Signing of the EOI does not guarantee acceptance of your investment into this opportunity as investments and Upfront Payments will be accepted on a first-come- first-serve- full payment basis. In this regard:

1. You are hereby invited to participate in the Concerned Property by committing an initial token amount, equivalent to 5 % of your total investment, to confirm your interest for investing in this opportunity. The token amount remitted by you, will be an advance towards your investment amount.

2. Your total investment Commitment and the EOI that is the token advance amount is mentioned in the Schedule 1.

3. We do not purport to or seek to call for any monies to be pooled or held with us and the Upfront Payment shall be held in an escrow, managed by an escrow agent, which cannot be applied for any other purposes and shall only be provided to the Principal for the acquisition of the Concerned Property and appurtenant expenses.

4. A draw-down notice laying out the terms and conditions of completion of the funding will be issued by the Company. The notice shall be for the draw-down of the remaining 95% of your investment and shall be accompanied by the documents required for your perusal prior to your participation in the funding of the Proposed Transaction. (Strike-out if the 100% amount is remitted).

5. The Company issues a draw-down notice but you have not responded to the said notice within the stipulated acceptance period indicated by the Company in the said notice, then the Upfront Payment shall be refunded to you without any interest and the Principal and Company shall have no further liabilities towards you.

6. The Company is not the acquirer of the Concerned Property, and does not purport, through this communication, to offer any of investments or to be collecting any monies on behalf of the Principal. We do not control the Concerned Property in any manner.

7. You hereby confirm of having read/been explained and understood the conditions set forth and undertaken the risk involved for the purposes of taking an investment decision. It is the responsibility of any person wishing to make an investment in the opportunity, to inform themselves of the offering and the terms related to it before the investment. You shall be solely responsible to comply in all material respects with all applicable anti-money laundering laws and applicable Statutory regulations in making this investment.

8. This EOI shall be governed by the laws of India, and all disputes arising in connection with or out of this EOI (including disputes in relation to the terms and conditions set out herein), shall be submitted for arbitration before a sole arbitrator in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The seat of arbitration shall be Bangalore and the proceedings for such arbitration shall be carried out in English

The Virtual Account Details for transfer of Upfront Payment are as follows:

In connection with the above, the Company has explained to you and you have understood the proposed transaction fully and agree to the terms and conditions set out above. Upon agreeing to this EOI and depositing the token amount, you may be eligible for any ongoing Pre-Booking Offer of 5 % additional returns in the first year only. This is over and above the standard returns projected for the first year.